Why do the challenge recipes only have spinach and kale?

We get it- you're asking if we're supposed to rotate our greens, why, in our green smoothie challenges, do the recipes mostly call for spinach and kale? Why haven’t we given you recipes that contain romaine or bok choy or some other wonderful leafy green?

Well, that's a great question! Spinach and kale are in different “families” when it comes to leafy greens. Switching back and forth between the two is adequate rotation, but we also use mostly these two for the challenges because lots of new people join us for the challenges. We want to ease them into green smoothies and keep it simple. Feel free to rotate as widely as you’d like!

Ready to level up your leafy greens game? Here are some of our faves that switch it up from the ole' spinach and kale (happy blending!):

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