Is it ok to use canned fruit in my smoothies?

We prefer to use fresh or frozen fruits, yet we’re all about making green smoothies work for you + your wallet. While you can definitely blend with canned fruit, even fruit stored in its own juice contains additional sugar. So it’s important to take that into consideration when blending. If you have no other options, rinsing your fruit in water before adding it to the blender will help.

For specific fruits we get many questions on...

Canned pineapple: Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which is responsible for pineapple's awesome anti-inflammatory properties. The canning process neutralizes the enzymes in pineapple, including bromelain, so it's best to avoid using canned pineapple.

Maraschino cherries: Steer way clear of these; they're loaded with chemicals and artificial food dyes.

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